Sunday, December 18, 2011

BAKED Sunday Mornings: Buckeyes

I have never made candy before, so I was a little nervous to make this week's recipe.  In fact, it almost didn't happen because I was afraid it might be too much work.  However, these buckeyes were easy-peasy.  The only complicated part of these is dipping them in the chocolate and even that wasn't so hard once I had some patience.

As my husband points out, these are a candy, named after a nut, named after an animal's eye.  However strange their origen/name, they were delicious.  If you like the combination of chocolate and peanut butter, you will enjoy these.  And if you are a candy making novice like me, start with these.  They might give you the confidence to move onto more complicated candy (and looking at the upcoming Baked Sunday Mornings recipes, I think I'm going to need that boost).

I made half the recipe and got 26 pieces.  Check out the other bakers over at the Baked Sunday Mornings website.

In other exciting news...2 of the three baking sisters will be reunited today when Rachel comes out to LA.  Hopefully we'll get to bake something fun together.


  1. your buckeyes look great! good job on your first candy! and enjoy your holidays :)

  2. These are the perfect candy for beginners. Yours look so good and you are right, with a little patience the dipping is not too bad, although I understand there is a cool dipping tool out there that makes this task easier if you make more of these in the future. Have a wonderful time with your sister!

  3. Woo hoo - candy-making success! Glad you enjoyed them and they look wonderful! Now onto the truffles! :) Beautiful!

  4. This is definitely one of the easiest candy recipes out there. Glad it worked out and have a great time with your sister!


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