Sunday, June 19, 2011

BAKED Sunday Mornings (afternoon?): Rosemary Apricot Squares

Sorry these were so late.  We have been doing a lot of traveling and I lost track of the schedule.  However, when I saw both dried apricots and pecans in the farmer's market this morning, I knew I had to whip them up this afternoon.

These delicious bars were one of the first things I was interested in making when I picked up Baked Explorations.  Something about the combination of apricot and rosemary sounded both intriguing and delicious.  And I am always looking for non-chocolate desserts that I think my husband will like.  Well it is too bad he is away, because he would have loved these.  The flavor combination is really original and they have a great combination of a little sweet, a little tart and a little savory.  The rosemary is not overpowering in any way, and it contributes more to the smell of the bars than the taste.

I am glad that I didn't read the whole recipe before I made these, because I might have been scared off by all the steps.  Although there are a lot of dirty dishes in my sink at the moment, it was worth it.  There are a lot of steps, so you have to give yourself some time (read the recipe first!) but you can walk away and do something else while the filling is simmering and while the crust is chilling and baking, so it is not so bad.  If you are looking for something a little different to serve for dessert (or breakfast) look no further than these bars! 

You can find the recipe here, along with all the other bakers of Baked Sunday Mornings.


  1. These were very intriguing and totally delicious! Glad you got them made!! Yours look lovely!

  2. i haven't made many recipes from that book that doesn't use up every dish in the house :) it's a good thing they are worth it. great looking bars!

  3. Yep - I agree - lots of dishes! We did use an immersion blender instead of a food processor, so that helped! But, we really liked these, too.

  4. @Susan -- I also used the immersion blender. Still have to clean it though, since my dish-doer is out of town.

    @Adam -- I'll freeze you one. Don't know how it will be though.

  5. Ha ha , but despite the steps they are pretty easy to put together no?
    And i love the pic of the Rosemary there above :-) pretty!
    BArs look fantastic!
    And i used an immersion blender too bdw :-)

  6. Great looking bars! You are right about this being a great recipe to take your time with.

  7. haha, yep, tons of dishes to do after every recipe! worth it though!

  8. Photographing these with a sprig of rosemary on top was a beautiful idea. Yum!

  9. Great post, Rebecca! I forgot about all the dishes! :) I was so surprised at how good these bars were. We loved them!


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