Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mini Chocolate = Yummy Chocolate

Happy New Year!  I hope 2011 is off to a great start for all of you.  What better way to start the new year than with chocolate?  Truth is, I made these a long time ago and am just now digging them out of the archives, but they are a great treat.  They are even good for new year's resolutions!  They are so tiny and fairly rich, so you feel satisfied after eating just one.

It is a little hard to see in these pictures, but these are mini molten lava cakes.  They achieve that effect from putting a couple pieces of chocolate into the center of the cakes and then baking them.  The chocolate melts and the outside is the perfect consistency.  When you break into them, chocolate oozes out, just like a lava cake.

What makes them better than lava cakes is that you can freeze them!  With lava cakes, if you were to freeze them after baking, they would likely loose their molten centers upon reheating.  Since the molten part of these cakes comes from chocolate, they can be frozen and reheated and the chocolate just melts again.  Yummy!

These were very easy to make.  The only trouble I had was that some of them stuck to the pan.  I would recommend greasing your mini muffin tins really, really well.

You can find the recipe here, from the great King Arthur Flour.  If you want step by step instructions, those can be found here.

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