Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Cookies: Peppermint Oreo Chocolate Chip

Over winter break, two people in my office had birthdays.  One of the nice things about my office is that we celebrate everyone's birthdays with some kind of treat.  It is both an excuse to celebrate one another and an excuse to eat cake during the work day.

Kirstin, one of the awesome women who works in my office, had her birthday over the break and so we needed to do something for her.  We know that she likes peppermint, so we tried to figure out what to make.  I had a box of Candy Cane JoJos (Trader Joe's version of oreos) going stale in the pantry, so I decided to try and crush them into chocolate chip cookies and see how it went.  They were a snap to put together and, even though it looks like it won't make many cookies, it made over 2 dozen.

It went well.  Very well.  Kirstin enjoyed them, as Candy Cane JoJos are her favorite and my officemate Eve called them the best cookies she's ever had.  2 dozen cookies disappeared from the office very quickly.

With those rave reviews, how could you not make these cookies?  You can find the recipe here and use whatever kind of JoJos/oreos you like! 

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