Monday, March 22, 2010

But I Would Be Proud to Partake of Your Pecan Pie

Now, I am not a fan of pecan pie.  As has been well documented on this blog, we are not fans of nuts.  However, for Hanukkah, a member of my synagogue gave me a big bag of pecans in their shells.  First, we had to look them up on the internet because we were not sure what they were.  Have you even seen pecans in a shell?  You can see them here.  My husband and I made a deal -- I would make the pie if he would shell the nuts.  Given how easy pecan pie is to make, I clearly got the better end of the deal.

Those nuts sat around for many months and finally we decided that, with Passover coming, we would make the pie.  It helped that we had guests who could also help with the eating so my husband did not have to eat an entire pie.  Also, we had a pie crust in the freezer, which eliminated one very labor intensive step.  I am afraid of pie crust, but more on that some other time.  

The nuts were really annoying to shell, so if you are going to make this, I would recommend getting pecans already out of their shells.  This pie is super easy to make and delicious (if you like pecan pie) -- I ended up having a tiny taste.  The reports were that it was not too sweet and had good flavor.

You can find the recipe here.  We did not use espresso or chocolate (husband does not like chocolate -- the crazy man), but we did use cinnamon.   

Non-baking question -- where is the quote from the title of this post from?  Bonus points if you know!


  1. Clearly the quote is from When Harry Met Sally. I, too, would never go near this pie but I love to talk about pecan pie because of the movie.

  2. You just made my day. My husband does not like chocolate, either although, he does eat chocolate Passover brownies. Go figure.

    I love chocolate so we have his and her desserts, when we actually have dessert.

  3. Yes, I am totally familiar with the his and her desserts. More dessert for me way!


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