Monday, March 8, 2010

Cute Little Corn Bread

Aren't they cute?  I just love my new mini-muffin pan.  I got it in New York when we were visiting in the winter and have just recently started putting it to use.  It was our turn to send snack for our son's class and we decided to make corn bread/muffins for them (what is the different between corn bread and corn muffins anyway?).  I made 24 regular sized and about 15 mini-muffins and the mini-muffins were my favorite.  For some reason, the regular sized ones got burned around the edges, but the mini ones cooked perfectly.  Mini-muffins are just so cute!

I used the same recipe that Rachel did when she recently made cornbread.  You can find the recipe here. The mini muffins baked for about 12 minutes, and the regular sized cooked for about 22 minutes.  

Hopefully I will make more mini things too, because they are just adorable (and you can eat two without feeling too guilty).

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  1. That cornbread looks absolutely delicious! I love cornbread!


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