Sunday, February 24, 2013

BAKED Sunday Mornings: Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Budino

Happy Purim!  If you came here looking for some hamentashen (triangle cookies), you can find them here or here or here.  I didn't have it in me to make any this year, although I've always wanted to try my friend Shoshana's S'more Hamentashen.  However, I've been away and I have a huge Purim program today, so no hamentashen for us this year.

But, I do have some pudding for you (which reminded me of Dorie's Split Level pudding but not quite as rich).  Technically this is a budino, which is apparently an Italian custard or pudding, so pudding is fine.  Budino just makes it sound super fancy.  Despite the fact that this pudding used many, many bowls and pans, it was quite easy to make.  The thickening power mostly comes from cornstarch, so you can't screw it up.  My pudding was a little lumpy, but I don't really mind.  I really enjoyed the flavor of these puddings, both separately and together and I love the way the vanilla one looked with all the vanilla bean seeds sprinkled throughout.  If you want a dessert that looks impressive but is easy to make, you should totally try this.  You can get the recipe here and head over to Baked Sunday Mornings to see what everyone else did.

Happy Purim!  


  1. So many dishes used! Oh well, it was fun to make. I'm not a huge pudding fan, but I'm glad I made it.

  2. Hi, it's nice to see you, again!

    I haven't tried Dorie's recipe but really enjoyed this one.

  3. I know right! I had to enlist the help of a dishwasher with this one!

  4. It really was a lot of bowls! The flavours were good, but now I'm curious to try other flavour combinations!

  5. I agree, so many dishes to wash! Glad you liked this recipe-- it wasn't my favorite, but a fun thing to try, as I've never made pudding from scratch before. By the way, thank you SO MUCH for pointing me in the direction of Shoshana's S'mores Hamantaschen-- WOOOOOOOW. I wasn't going to make any this year, but this is a game-changer! :)

  6. I liked this one too, thought it was an easy fun recipe.


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