Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cranberry Chocolate Chip Muffins

I have been getting really into my iphone camera lately, especially all the cool things you can do with effects.  This photo was taken with the Vintage Camera app, which I love.  It is just fun to change your photos a little bit and I wanted to see how it would do with food.  I really like the way these muffins came out. I think you can see all the parts of the topping, cranberries and chocolate chips.  What are some other cool iphone camera apps that you would recommend?

Anyway, on to the important part...the muffins.  I have had these marked in my reader for a while and I never got around to making them.  However, since Passover has been over, I really wanted muffins and these seemed like a good choice.  And they were!  They had a fantastic combination of a delicious batter, tart cranberry, crunchy topping and sweet chocolate.  These are good special occasion muffins, but since they are pretty easy, you could whip up a batch any time.  I have been sitting with a bag of cranberries in my freezer since Thanksgiving, so these were a great way to use some of them up.

The only difficult part about them was that the strussel topping made the muffins stick to the pan around the edges, so they were a challenge to get out, especially when hot.  I would recommend being really careful not to overfill these so that you get maximum topping without messing up your muffins.  Although the recipe says it makes 15 muffins, I got more like 19 and I think I filled them too full, so you could probably get more.  The recipe is here, on the Baking Bites website.

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