Monday, May 9, 2011

Strawberry Season is Here: Strawberry Shortcakes

When you were little, did you ever play the jumprope game that went, "strawberry shortcake, cream on top, tell me the name of your sweetheart."  Then, you would say each letter of the alphabet and on whichever letter you messed up on, that was the letter of the first name of the person you were going to marry.  Every time I hear Strawberry Shortcake, I think of that rhyme.  

Anyway, it is currently strawberry season here in LA and there are delicious strawberries everywhere!  I have made a bunch of different strawberry recipes that will make an appearance on this blog over the next few weeks.  I hope you will find some inspiration for your own strawberry season.

These strawberry shortcakes were amazing, but what would you expect from Dorie Greenspan?  They were super easy to put together (I promise!) and then all you do is toss some strawberries (or any other fruits you like) with sugar and make some lightly sweetened whipped cream.  The one thing to remember is not to overwork the shortcake dough. It is better to have some lumps and dry places in the dough then the work it too much. 

Here's the recipe, from Dorie's Baking from my Home to Yours, with great step by step photos.

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  1. I want to eat these right now. Also, were you REALLY bad at jumprope?


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