Sunday, February 27, 2011

For A Good Cause, Part 1: Toffee Fudge

Back in the beginning of January, I had the pleasure of traveling to Mexico with an amazing organization called American Jewish World Service. With a group of future Jewish clergy and communal leaders, I spent 9 days working and living in a small village called Muchucuxcah. Since the trip, I have had the pleasure of raising money for AJWS, helping to support the work they're doing to to alleviate poverty in the developing world.

While many of my friends and family have made generous donations to support my efforts, I still hope to raise more money to achieve my goal, which means it's time to get creative. This week at my school has been declared AJWS bake sale week-- each day, I'll bring a different baked good to school and ask people to make a donation in exchange for some delicious treats.

I'll continue to post on my progress throughout the week, but I wanted to start out with this delicious recipe from my new Kosher By Design cookbook. This fudge is super easy, and also really delicious. I chose to mix in some toffee pieces, but it would be great plain, or with peanut butter also, I bet. This is basically a foolproof recipe: make and enjoy! And in the meantime, if you want to join me in alleviating poverty in the developing world or read more about my trip, click here:

Happy eating!

Easy Fudge:
16 oz high quality milk chocolate
1 (14 oz) can sweetened condensed milk
4 tbsp butter

Over a double boiler, melt chocolate and butter. Stir in the milk. Blend until smooth. Pour into an 8x8 plan lined with parchment paper, and allow to set in the fridge (about two hours.) Cut with a sharp knife and enjoy!

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