Thursday, December 16, 2010

Doing My Part to Help Pass the Bar: Part 1

You may remember my friend Brooke.  She has been mentioned a few times around this blog, most notably as the source of my mandelbrot recipe.  Brooke is studying for the bar for a second time, since she moved since she first took it. Those of you who are lawyers or who know lawyers know that studying for the bar is no fun, especially if you are also working full time, as Brooke is.

Last time Brooke was studying for the bar, we were living near each other and I was able to go and give her little pep talks in person.  This time, we live across the country from each other, and telling her to study via gchat doesn't always work.

So, I decided to motivate her to study by bribing her with cookies.  If she is very good, and does her studying like she is supposed to, instead of watching West Wing, she will get cookies.  If not, well...we won't go there.

Brooke's first care package contained two kinds of yummy treats.  First, since Brooke loves brownies and dark chocolate, I choose Dorie Greenspan's Bittersweet brownies.  These are chock full of dark chocolate and have a great, rich, fudgy texture.  I highly recommend these if you like dark chocolate.  The recipe is here, which I made without the raspberries. 

The second cookie was created because I found mint truffle filled hershey kisses.  Brooke loves mint and dark chocolate, so I knew I had to incorporate them somehow.  I had seen peanut butter cookies with kisses pushed into them, so I thought I would do something like that.  In the end, I decided on mint chocolate crinkle cookies with mint chocolate kisses.  These were delicious -- minty and fudgy, with good chocolate flavor.  The recipe called for them to be rolled in confectioners sugar and green sugar, which I did, but you can't see the green very well.  Either way, I highly recommend these cookies.  They were easy to make (my 2.5 year old helped out) and very, very yummy.  You can find the recipe here.

Brooke -- if you take a break from studying (a short one), let us know what you thought and if they got to you in one piece.  Good luck on the bar (leave her some love to help motivate her if the cookies don't work)!


  1. Rebecca's amazing care package arrived last night and I was SO excited to open it. I didn't actually try anything then since I came home late last night (after paying shiva call) and wasn't able to study. Tonight I was so excited to study so I could sample the goods. I chose to try the brownies tonight. Everything was in the freezer so I ate one brownie cold and it was deliciously fudgy. Not fully satisfied, I warmed a second brownie in the microwave and poured a tall glass of milk. This was genius. I was not able to finish the second brownie (the first might have had something to do with that) but one of my housemates was happy to finish it off. Saturday night I plan on trying the cookies!! THANK YOU, REBECCA!!!!

  2. Last night I got a lot of studying done and rewarded myself with one of these cookies. It was amazing. I think Rebecca's plan was to send me things that I couldn't possibly eat more than one of in any sitting to extend their shelf-life. Both the brownies and cookies are incredibly rich. Also, I am not sure if I ever thought I would utter or type these words but they might be too chocolaty (insane). There will be more studying today and more treats when I am done! THANK YOU AGAIN, REBECCA!!!!


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