Friday, May 7, 2010

How I Got On This Blog: White Chocolate Cheesecake

As I've said before, I am not nearly as fancy of a baker as my sisters. I lack a lot of their equipment, and also their patience. That is not to say, though, that I lack their drive to find the most delicious creations. I just look in different places-- and this time, my quest was successful, and now I am here and writing for all of you.

The White Chocolate Cheesecake is an excellent example of the search for a dessert that is both very easy and intensely delicious. I first encountered this pie at my friend Rachel's house, where she assured me that it was best not to ask what was in it until after I had tried it. That turned out to be great advice, because it sounds gross but tastes amazing. It's also incredibly easy to make, and actually involves no cooking or baking at all. However, you wouldn't know it from the taste. In fact, my friend Josh assures me that I will be his best friend forever, if only I continue to make him this pie.

A couple of notes on the recipe. It can be found here, but I usually make a few modifications. First, I have never been able to find white chocolate pudding mix, but I use vanilla pudding and it's just as delicious. Also, for the garnish, I usually use mini chocolate chips instead of chocolate curls. Finally, the crust gets soggy if you let the filling sit in it for too long, so I recommend making the transfer an hour or so before eating it, so it has time to set but stays crunchy.

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