Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chocolate Chip Orange Cake with Backyard Oranges

Living in Southern California, you get very in-tune with what fruit is in season.  You can walk into any one of the hundreds of farmer's markets and see the yummy fruits and veggies all lined up waiting for you.  However, good luck if you want something not in season, since you will be stuck with the grocery store.  After 2 years of fresh farmer's market quality, buying produce at the grocery store can feel like a real let down.

That's all a lead up to say that this is a delicious orange cake, which might have to wait for winter to be made again.  My son has a friend (probably lots of friends) with an orange tree in his backyard.  They came over a few times to play and brought a huge bag of oranges every time they came over.  I had to find something to do with them!

Luckily our ECC director had a birthday and asked for a chocolate orange cake. After the very scientific process of googling chocolate orange cake recipe, I came across this one from Smitten Kitchen.  I am not usually a fan of the chocolate/orange combination, but this cake was truly amazing.  It was super moist, even after a few days, and you could clearly taste both the chocolate and the orange without one overpowering the other.  I think using fresh oranges really helped, because they had amazing orange flavor.  A number of people said this was one of the best cakes they had ever had, so it is certainly a keeper.  If you find yourself wondering what to do with an abundance of oranges, you should try this.  Or, make this an excuse to go out and buy some delicious citrus next time winter rolls around.


  1. Yum! I will definitely try this! Where in SoCal are you? I'm in Oxnard. And, you're right, we are lucky enought ot be able to enjoy this cake year-round!

  2. I agree that fresh produce and juice makes a world of difference! Can't wait to see how your cheesecakes turned out! :-)



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