Sunday, June 3, 2012

Strawberry Shortcake (Cream on Top.)

In New York, you know it's summer when the fruit stands on the street start selling strawberries for 2 boxes for $3. For me, that's the happy time of year, as I love strawberries. So when I was enlisted to make a friend a birthday dessert and I heard that she liked fruity things, my mind jumped right to strawberry shortcake.

I've never made strawberry shortcake before, but I have enjoyed it many times. What's not to like? Strawberries-- good. Biscuits-- good. Whipped cream-- SO good. The trick was to find a recipe that could be made in advance, and that I could make into individual shortcakes, because those are just so much fun.

This recipe from the Food Network hit the spot. I made the shortcakes in advance and then left them in the fridge for a few days before we ate them. I made 10 small shortcakes rather than one big one, which reduced the baking time a bit. Other than that, the only trick is making sure that you have enough juices from the strawberries to soak into the shortcake itself. Happy summer everyone!


  1. As soon as I am back on dairy, I want you to make these for me. I LOVE STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE!

  2. yum! that looks delicious! i'm so glad its finally strawberry season! thanks for sharing!


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