Wednesday, February 15, 2012

MSC Club: Raspberry Swirl Cheesecakes

These almost didn't happen (I realize this is often a theme with baking groups).  In fact, I made them yesterday morning beginning at 6:30am.  Often, if I have all the ingredients, I feel guilty not baking, especially if one of my fellow bakers is hosting.

Anyway, this month's selection for Martha Stewart's Cupcake club was raspberry swirl cheesecakes.  The last mini cheesecakes we made for this club, the oreo ones, were so delicious, that I knew these would be good too.  They were easy to put together -- graham cracker crust, quick cheesecake batter and raspberry puree swirled in before they went in the oven.  However, this was a case of read the whole recipe before starting because I learned that they have to be baked in a water bath.  I don't have a roasting pan big enough for my cupcake tins, so I lowered the temperature and baked them without the water.  They puffed up beautifully, but once they started to cool, the majorly sunk, which I assume was related to my baking method.

I haven't had a chance to try them yet, but I assume they are delicious.  Cheesecake and raspberry -- what could be bad about that?  Many thanks to Gem of Cupcake Crazy Gem for hosting.  Check out the MSC website for all the other bakers.


  1. They taste amazing! Your cupcakes still look very pretty - love your marbled effect and pretty cases.

  2. So glad you could squeeze this one into your tight schedule! I love those festive baking cups. They look great with the raspberry swirl! I didn't have a roasting pan, either, but I put a little water in a jelly roll pan and put the cupcake pan on top of that. I'm sure you will agree that slightly sunken or not, these were delicious! :-)

    Thanks for baking with us!


  3. I love how vibrant your swirls of puree look! and I also love your bright foil cases! My paper cases seemed to shrink slightly in the oven so next time I would probably use foil ones too! Hope you found that yours were just as delicious as last time! Glad you managed to squeeze this baking in, 6.30! that is dedication!

  4. I can't tell you how many recipes haven't happened because I've forgotten about them or procrastinated...

    I actually made the cupcakes both ways, (with water bath and without) as I only had one roasting pan and didn't have enough time to wait- and both pans of cheesecake sunk. I believe the water bath helps the cake not crack.


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