Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bagels II: Because We Still Don't Live in NYC

So, we still don't leave in New York City, which is, in my opinion, the only place where one can really get good bagels. So, I decided to try again to make bagels that tasted more like the bagels I know and love. Not that my first batch wasn't good (they were), but they lacked some of that classic bagel flavor.

This recipe, which I got on Smitten Kitchen and is from Peter Reinhart, comes much closer to an NYC bagel. Some of the differences are that this bagel is made with a sponge that is allowed to rise and then ingredients are added to it, there is malt syrup in the recipe which gives is a bagel-y flavor, and the bagels are retarded in the fridge overnight. Yes, this is a two day process.

Despite baking soda in the water, my bagels still came out flat. I'm not sure why that is. Any suggestions?

You can find the bagel recipe here. I would say that if you live anywhere near where you can get a good bagel, it might not be worth making your own. Then again, if you live far away from bagels like me, you might seriously consider devoting two days to the bagel-making endeavor.

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