Monday, June 15, 2009

Some Very Tony Cupcakes

So, last Sunday was the Tony Awards, the night when, across the land, a thousand awkward high school girls and their "not gay" male best friends get together, pour some Martinelli's Sparkling Cider and watch theater royalty* pat themselves on the back. Of course, I am in college now, and thus much more sophisticated than those losers. The Tony party I attended called for cupcakes. And while my cupcake decorating skills are likely to land me on Cakewrecks (and not in the Sunday Sweets Section), I still thought I could have a little fun with it.

For the recipe, I went with Magnolia's chocolate cupcake with vanilla buttercream. You really can't go wrong with Magnolia, though I found the cupcake to be a little dry and dense for my taste. Here is the cupcake recipe, and here is the frosting. I halved both the cupcake and frosting recipes; however, in general I would recommend halving the frosting recipe even if you're making the full amount of cake, or else you will end up with a ton of extra frosting. (Which can be fun, don't get me wrong, but unless you, like me, enjoy eating entire meals made of buttercream, you might want to take my advice to heart.)

*Very talented people that no one has ever heard of.

And now, the quiz! See if you can match the cupcake's "theme" with the Broadway musical nominated for a Tony. As I said, my cupcake decorating skills leave something to be desired, so I'm telling you what all the designs are, along with the guesses from various friends and family members. If you fail this quiz, you will be forced to watch the touring company of Legally Blonde sing "Oh My God You Guys" for all eternity! Bwa ha ha ha ha

Mommy: "Is it an umbrella?"
Correct answer: It is an electric guitar.

C'mon, I don't think this one is so bad. At least not compared the the deformed pink lump that preceded it. This is a ballet slipper.

Daddy: "I think it's a lock."
Mommy: "I think it's a handbag."
Correct answer: It is a pill.
Daddy: "Oh, I was looking at it upside down."

Mommy: "Uh...a palm tree."
Sharon: "A green star."
Correct answer: It is a pot leaf.

Mommy: "Um..."
Daddy: "Is that a gun?"
Correct answer: Yes.

Once again, I'm not sure how this could be construed as being anything but the head of a grumpy green ogre.

Sarah: "A cube with smallpox?"
Correct answer: It is a die (as in the singular of dice). Dude, I didn't think I was that bad.

Sarah: "Musical notes and a guitar."
Correct answer: Close. It is musical notes and a microphone.

And the nominees are...
a) Billy Elliot (winner, Best Musical)
b) Pal Joey
c) Shrek the Musical
d) Rock of Ages
e) Hair (winner, Best Revival)
f) Guys and Dolls
g) Next to Normal
h) West Side Story

I will post answers on the next posting. Have fun! (And don't forget what happens if you fail. This is real, guys.)

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